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The idea for this EU funded Grundtvig Project has been founded in spring 2010.

The learning partnership "Professional Usage of Media in Educational Context (Adult Learning) - PUMEC" offers adult learners – who are teachers as well as learners - a real and a virtual platform, the Virtuelle Bildungshaus, for the improvement of their competence with the use of multimedia devices.

In order to accomplish this, the involved project partners from Germany, Poland, Finland, Scotland and Ireland will work together to build a Virtuelle Bildungshaus, which will be their training object in dealing with effective multimedia teaching technology.

The project partners will become acquainted with each other within the scope of the learning partnership, both through personal exchanges during their visits to the partners (mobility) as well as the exchange in virtual rooms.

Moreover, the teaching and learning materials will be exchanged by teachers and learners. The result will be made accessible to the public on a project homepage as well as at a final professional conference.

During a two year project term, ideas and proposals will be collected, so that at the end of the learning partnership project a professional forum for the development of virtual learning and teaching materials and methods can be established, e.g. in the Grundtvig programme multilateral projects.


Concept of PUMEC

In some countries it is often seen negatively that mainly all older and experienced staff members hardly use new media in their lessons in vocational training. This also has effects on the conveying methods and the learning enjoyment of adult students. The fears of the application of modern multimedia devices and the use of multimedia conveying methods can vanish if the lecturers, instructors, and teachers have the possibility to get to know this themselves gradually under instructions and to try them out in their work.

The fears of the application of the new media will be diminished as a result.

A simple platform for cross-linking of partners is motivating and can facilitate the exchanging of views. In the involved partners' countries there are differences in technical equipment at the adult's educational institutions and therefore varying degrees of media usage.

For this reason, the exchange of modern training methods with the application of the new media and Best Practice in the European context is especially important for the partners. Lifelong learning also has a special value for teachers, and this conviction should be given to the project participants through their learning partnership.

Participating Countries

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Finland

Participating Organisations

German partners

International Partners

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